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Environmental Policy/Quality Policy

Environmental Policy

We are constantly striving to improve quality and increase customer satisfaction, based on our Management Philosophy of “contributing to the development of society through the provision of high-precision, high-speed and high-rigidity products.” With increasing attention being focused on environmental preservation as a universal requirement, we believe that companies have a duty to preserve the environment too. We regard this as a key indicator of the quality of our products, and of all production activities carried out at our factories. With that in mind, we have set out the following Environmental Policy.

  • 1. We will set ourselves technically and economically achievable environmental goals and targets in line with environmental impact assessments, at every stage from product development to production and waste disposal. We will make every effort to preserve the environment, and will continually review targets so that we can make ongoing improvements.
  • 2. We will comply with all national legislation, local ordinances and industry agreements relating to environmental preservation, and will make every effort to prevent environmental contamination.
  • 3. To carry out the above commitments effectively, we will document all essential regulations relating to environmental preservation, including this Environmental Manual, raise awareness amongst all personnel working at the Nagaoka Factory, maintain records and appoint a manager to oversee such activities.
  • 4. We will ensure that all personnel working at the Nagaoka Factory are aware of documents and records relating to the factory’s environmental management system, and will ensure that systems are fairly maintained so that key environmental information can be disclosed to any third party on request, via the specified internal procedure.
  • 5. We will publish the Nagaoka Factory Environmental Policy, and make customers and suppliers aware of this policy in writing, so that we can prevent environmental contamination more effectively with their understanding and cooperation.

June 21, 2013
Manager, Nagaoka Factory

Quality Policy

Everything we do is underpinned by our management policy of “Integrated Quality.” We focus particularly on “speeding up customer service,” so that we can respond quickly to our customers’ needs, and on “constantly striving to make improvements,” based on our determination to resolve problems. On behalf of the Nagaoka Factory, we have set out the following Quality Policy in line with that underlying management policy.

  • 1. We will always put quality first, in order to earn customers’ trust and ensure satisfaction.
  • 2. We will take responsibility for the quality of each process, to prevent issues affecting subsequent processes.
  • 3. We will focus on education, training and improvement activities, in order to continually improve quality.

June 21, 2013
Manager, Nagaoka Factory

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