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Management policy in the medium-to-long-term

Management policy in the medium-to-long-term

The Group is addressing the following priority issues proactively as its medium- and long-term management strategies.

(1) Introduction of new products targeting growth fields
The Group will make every effort to launch new products that will sufficiently meet customers’ requests in markets that are expected to grow, including the auto parts market, where eco-friendliness and energy saving are required, the IT market, which includes more sophisticated smartphones, and the medical care market.
(2) Business strategies targeting growth regions
The Group will aggressively build up its operations over the medium and long term with actions that include the expansion and upgrading of production, sales and after-sales service organizations in markets where investor confidence is high, such as China, Southeast Asia and India.
(3) Management streamlining and customer satisfaction enhancement
To bolster the comprehensive strength of the corporate group, the Group, including affiliates, will seek to enhance its sales, production, and management systems and to achieve efficient management.
The Group will continue to make every effort to offer new products that satisfy customer demands, to expand and upgrade its services, to improve customer satisfaction on a constant basis, and to maintain the trust of its customers.

Meanwhile, the Group will promote CSR activities, including environment conservation and compliance, and remains committed to justifying the trust of its shareholders, customers, and all other stakeholders.

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