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Corporate governance

Basic concept

To continue to enhance corporate value, we aim to make quick and right management decisions and will maintain sound management by building and strengthening an internal control system and making effective use of it so that we can fulfill our obligations to our shareholders and our corporate social responsibility as a member of the international community.

Basic policy
  • 1.We will work to secure the rights of the shareholders and equality among them.
  • 2.We will work to cooperate with our stakeholders other than shareholders (including customers, suppliers, employees, and communities) appropriately.
  • 3.We will disclose information appropriately under laws and regulations and will voluntarily provide other information to achieve transparency.
  • 4.The Board of Directors will fulfill its roles and responsibilities appropriately to make transparent, fair, quick, and bold decisions.
  • 5.We will pursue constructive communication with our shareholders to achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value in the medium to long term.
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